General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
OK here is some info that some might find interesting and/or helpful

1. I tried all included strategies and then a couple on the forum - but none made any money and it was frustrating as heck to just fail every time ... bet strategy - recovery strategy - the whole thing - nothing worked.

2. then I just started buying tips from various places and building my own systems - and scraping into excel and uploading into the software - and running recovery systems to help with the results

what happened was the tips had good runs but then bad runs - so sometimes they lost 15 in a row - so ultimately I called time on buying tipster tips for horses

now what I do is subscribe to punting forum and pay $99 a month for the ratings - and built a system in their software focusing on winners - and mine is like 36% - so using this method I am showing a profit and I would suggest to consider this an option

next for sports betting I subscribed to Sportsline - and put the data miner scraper into chrome - taught it to scrape what I want and then automated betting with that -- this is quite good and you can select system bets or tipster bets - so if your into sports then this is something to look at.

3. my most profitable solution -- so as you can see from the above there is work to make horse betting and sports betting automated -- every day you gotta download - sort or scrape --- and there are many shortcuts in excel to help but still it gets bit tedious as I never imagined when I bought this software that this is what I would be doing.... anyway onto 4. which is the real winning strategy

4. well I sat here going there has to be a better way - so lets look at Greyhounds -- lots of races can be selective and ratings while important are not everything because you can narrow things down and run a recovery sort of system to make almost anything profitable.

so I looked through all the greyhound data and formulated my approach as to how to select and when to bet on certain dogs ... the recovery system I use is the stake step one where you set your own

for mine as an example I set it like this 5 5 6 8 11 14 18 22 25 30 --- it goes back to start on a win -- then I attach a certain profit - where it resets the bets anyway - and also a stop loss so it resets the best back to square one as well.

therefore --- I figured out a. how to make a selection b. the best way to increase bet on a loss c. how to control a losing sequence and how to reset the bet as fast as possible.

with this approach starting with $5 stakes as above bets -- I am now making $1500-$2000 a week fully automated doing zero work (yes I did increase my bets but what I found was if I make it too high then I influence the markets - and it is better to capture maximum value per bet then bet too high and lower your odds - this can be the difference between winning and losing)

in the whole time doing it I have only hit one Stop Loss and the beauty being there is a couple ways to reset bets,

So I run 5 bots per race with a combined stop loss and take profit is how it works - but each bot is designed with slightly different parameters -- if you bet greyhounds then you probably get the picture if you do not then your probably confused.

** No I will never reveal the system or how I generate the bets because like I said there is only so much liquidity in the markets and when I started to bet $200 $300 per dog well the prices would get cut from 30/1 to 20/1 and your better off betting smaller and getting the value - than the other way around.

Greyhound betting solved -- check

Horses / Trots + SportsBetting I am still working on - but you have above some of the resources I am working with to try some things for yourself.

There is no way that I know of to make money without having some insight into building a strategy -- trading etc for me anyway was a complete waste of time.

I hope some people find inspiration in this post and put that extra work into finding something that makes sense for them .. good luck

I am not going to keep going with horse racing or trots - the issue of using external data and making a simple solution is just not happening and I find the profit edge vs GH racing - I prefer GH racing - it seems to me after watching thousands of races the prices make the difference in the end.

trots I actually have a good formula there but it may only apply in 2-3 races a day and that is not enough to live off so yeah I deleted out those 2 strategies just today.

on the GH front - the last 2 days about $1400 in profit - have made a few tweaks to just tighten it up and I guess the only thing is just to keep monitoring performance.

Sports Betting - funny you know the problem with this is using Betfair when the tips come out there is no liquidity and only when we get nearer start time we see proper pricing - I think with this it requires a custom bot that uses sportsbooks besides betfair - as no point betting when the line has moved against you - that is often the difference between a win and a loss.
it is just a lot calmer watching these races

just in the last race it selected the 2 @ $5.75 and the 3 @ $11.00

2 wins and 3 comes third .. it took a while to figure out how to make it all work - but the results just keep coming in and the accuracy is good.

when I bought tips at one time often they were not even in the finishes which was frustrating.
the other thing is it will look at the race and determine whether it is a bet or not

so of the 120 races a day so - only 70-75 maybe betting races for one reason or another.

it is easy to say well you just need $8 per race and your $500 a day

but in reality it tends to ebb and flow according to the accuracy
so yesterday I took my first loss $90

other than that have been $300-$700 a day everyday.

the difference was yesterday I made no changes to the selection conditions which I normally do daily - because as I said what you see is it runs in waves when your winning and you need to stay close to that - if you deviate then your drawdown will rise.

also I have been given thought to why racing was too hard for me - I think really I would need a full time data analyst and a programmer - so $250k in costs and to cover that my betting bank would need to be 2 mio - which is too high for me - and when you look at the real professionals I guess that is what they are doing.

compare that to GH I can do that on my own and you only need 2k bank to make $500 a day - as if you stay on top of it your DD will only be like $300-$400

it is the extra variables and more data and searching for the setups that makes all the difference - I wish I could do it myself but it is just too much work.

anyway made some slight tweaks this morning and have to go out now - looking forward to the results tonight

good luck
also I noticed yesterday in GH

there was about 8-10 races in a row where box 1-3 won

and then later then was about 8-10 races where 1.20-1.80 favs won in a row

the first one does not matter too much to me - but the second one does because I have the lower runners like that filtered out as a bet - but still bet on the race as the payoffs are quite good under certain circumstances for the others

also we got a couple 13 /1 14/1 results which offset that - but 8 in a row is not ideal.

if your following this thread another area I am honing in on - is where there are 8 runners with 5 or 6 first starters whose prices are 3.20 or higher and the 2 raced at 8/1 or higher .. often there is good value in those runners as there is often a lot of interference and even just a small amount of track sense can see them avoid trouble -- there was 2-3 of these races yesterday I know I got 16/1 on one but just do not remember the other couple results as I was not around all day.

when the first starters start shorter 1.65-2.25 yeah they can get beaten but the chances of the raced dogs winning goes down a lot.

plus in these sort of races box draw is almost irrelevant - so people who are betting with that as a criteria are skewing the prices and providing opportunity there .. and I mean in races mentioned above.