General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By Rendoe
Hi All,

I'm after suggestions for the best horse racing website for racing results in Aus.

Racenet is out, scraping data from that site looks incredibly hard .... any others that you guys use?
By Rendoe
Yeah I know what you mean .... apparently no one is using websites to scrape data from!

Thank you, I've got some VB script written to scrape a site and an underway!
By Gazman19655
I know someone who sold me a scraper tool and it never worked lol, it was supposed to pull data from BF files but he just disappeared after lol

Id love to be able to get stuff sorted properly using Excel, im not expert but id love to learn!!
By Beerio
The scrapper that you purchased did you get it from an independent builder or did you search out a site where they specialize in scrapping information that you wanted? If your not gonna put the time necessary into doing it yourself, then find a site that will build it for you and you don't pay for it til they can demonstrate it working just like you want to run it.

The other side of things, the botting community won't tell you where or how to find the information (not all but most) as they are afraid that their edge will erode if more people use the same information. There's not many people that will openly speak about building bots together either, so if you wanna trade information then find someone that has something you need then trade or find out if they are willing to build together for the future.

I know that the UK markets are pretty deep on the horses and dogs you will be able to get a fair amount on if you setup right.