General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
By melodican
Hi there

I'm trying to set a selection filter whereby strategy #1 only bets on matches imported from URL.

We have a Google Doc and it is propagating into the software fine (under manage tips) and updating every hour, this is working seamlessly, however, on certain occasions the tip is being placed, other times it isn't. Under Selection conditions we have a selection filter which has "Allow betting on imported tipsters" and in the text area we have the exact tipster name from the spreadsheet. Again, this working only sometimes. Is 'this' the correct way to initiate a bet from the imported URL... Or is there a more efficient way to make Strategy 1 only fire from the markets imported into 'manage tips' section? To clarify, the bet itself IS on the spreadsheet, however, we just want Strat 1 to be aware of said market (O0.5FHG)and fire into it with the criteria within the strategy.

When it works sometimes, it does exactly what we need it to do, it's just on the occasions where it throws up selection issues in the 'report' that we want to rectify.

Thanks for the help
By melodican
Also, one more question... With the "Market ID" on the spreadsheet, does that need to be for the exact market or for the game in general? (i.e. does it need to be the market ID for the FHG market, let's say 1.78357623, or, can it be for the general MO market i.e 1.24857868?) - Actually, what data does BFBM actually use from the spreadsheet, or more specifically, what's the minimum amount of data does the SS need on it for BFBM to pull it accurately?

Thanks again
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By BfBotManager
Hi melodican,

Tips import format is explained n General manual, pages 16-18: ... manual.pdf

V3 comes with example strategy that is set to bet on imported tips. It uses "Staking->Bet on imported tips" rule and you should use it too in your strategy.

You should save screenshots of imported tip at which bets were not placed, save your strategy and screenshots of loaded market for that tip so that we can review it all and help you adjust settings to ensure that bets gets placed on all tips.

Please use simulation mode to test this.
By melodican
Ahh, thanks, I see...

So based on the Staking > Bet on imported tips, I have included my Tipster name and checked all 4 boxes below (to ignore stake, price etc as I want the strategy to dictate that) - With all of those checked, will the software now pull tips from URL and place trades on all of them on said strategy? With this in mind, what is the difference between 1) doing it this way (under staking), 2) Selection conditions > selection filter > Allow betting on imported tipsters, and, 3) market conditions > Tips - filtering imported tips? - Correct me if I'm wrong but they all seem to do something very similar.

Again, I appreciate your help.
By melodican
I've gone through the manual but I feel like there's a lack of depth with regards which one I need. The fixtures are pulling fine from the URL and everything seems fine there. The FHG markets are loaded correctly. I just want it to run the strategy based on the tips (imported from URL) in the manage tips section... Is it the 'stake > imported tips' option I need to use?

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By BfBotManager
Like I said earlier:
"V3 comes with example strategy that is set to bet on imported tips. It uses "Staking->Bet on imported tips" rule and you should use it too in your strategy."

If all tips and markets are loaded properly then create new strategy or use example one to set it to bet on your imported tips. For more details on "Bet on imported tips" rule please see following manual: ... manual.pdf

and watch video tutorial "#7 Setting bet type", time 33:00 of video: