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By Lucky2

I have restarted my betting for the first time since the lockdown. My strategy only selected UK/IE racing for the placed market. I changed my strategy today to select AU country. I changed nothing else on the strategy. The AU placed is already selected to load for markets but the bets are not selected. When I check the reports tab it is suggesting that the number of winners is not correct - this is not the case. I removed this from the selections and it is suggesting that the bet type is not correct. When I look at the markets page to check the columns for the selections these are not loaded fully and some of the column data is missing.

I suspect the strategy is configured correctly but the market data is not loading correctly so the selections are failing. Can you help?
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By BfBotManager
Hi Lucky2,

Australian place markets do not have good offer like UK/Irish place markets and most likely that is the cause to your problem.

At your screenshots place markets for Australian races are loaded, so that is not the problem.

You should post screenshots of your strategy market/selection/price/staking settings to check them.
By Lucky2
Not sure about this. I have amended one of the Example strategies to place bet 10 minutes before. This is the reports tab for reasoning for not placing the bet on the 13.23. I have also not had any problems with AU markets in the past.
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