General discussion about Bf Bot Manager v3 software for Betfair, Betdaq and Matchbook betting exchanges
I’m having trouble getting my strategy to trigger. What’s unusual, is that it was working and without any changes, it’s now stopped!
The strategy is laying the correct score at HT, when the game is not 0-0. The lay odds must be between 1.5 and 6.0.
I select matches in the markets area i.e. navigate to the game, find the correct score market and add to the markets tab. However, at HT, even when the odds are suitable, the bet isn’t placed.
I’ve attached screenshots below of the strategy. Do you have any ideas why the bets aren’t being placed.
HT Correct Score Lay - Market Conditions.png
HT Correct Score Lay - Market Conditions.png (55.2 KiB) Viewed 4419 times
HT Correct Score Lay - Selection Conditions.png
HT Correct Score Lay - Selection Conditions.png (57.76 KiB) Viewed 4419 times
Did you check main MARKETS grid view column "Score" to see what score bot has for that match?

Can you please post screenshots of loaded markets showing score at half time at which bet should be placed?

Also export your strategy and save content of log file and send it to us, you can open log file by using "Tools&Settings->Log" menu item.
Hi James,

Log file shows that bot is unable to get live scores. Please do following:
1. install all Windows updates
2. restart your computer
3. restart your router
4. then try again

At main MARKETS grid view display column "Score" so that you can see what score bot has for each match. Without this information your bot will be unable to place bets as your strategy is set to check match score.
LazoVuchina wrote: Wed Feb 26, 2020 9:03 am Hi everybody,

In this case, you should re-enter your licence key and restart a bot.
Please, use copy & paste to re-enter your licence key.
Yes, LazoVuchina is correct.

Common mistake is that license key is entered by using smaller case letters which prevents bot from getting live scores. All you need to do is to use Copy & Paste to enter license key at "HELP->Licenses" form to ensure that all letters are in upper case. Then restart bot and live scores will be downloaded.

This issue with small case letters will be fixed in the next update.