General Options

General Options

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For detailed explanation of each control please see General Options Manual

Account Control

Your Betfair username and available funds for UK and AU exchange are displayed in this control. Exposure for each wallet is displayed in brackets next to the available funds.
Refresh button in top left corner can be used to get latest available funds and exposure for your account, but do not forget that this call is limited to one per minut by Betfair Free API.
You can transfer funds between your UK and AU wallets by simply selecting amount to transfer in combo box and then clicking "UK->AU" or "AU->UK" buttons.

Start, Pause and Stop Control

You can start, pause/resume or stop your bot from this control. Available bots are displayed in drop down list.
You need to select bot that you want to start and click on "Start" button. After clicking on "Start" button, bot and all other controls that bot uses will be loaded. Bot will start collecting needed data, but it will not place any bets until you click "Resume" button. You will notice that "Pause/Resume" button has light pink background when bot is in "Pause" mode. When bot is loaded for first time, it is automatically switched to "Pause" mode, so that you could set your stake and all other options that are specific to bot.

Markets Data Grid View

Markets data grid view displays basic information for selected markets.
Markets in data grid view can be removed by clicking on "X" in first column, and they can be deselected by unchecking the checkbox in second column. Only for selected markets prices are being downloaded from Betfair server.
Other columns display local start time of market, market name, market status, favorite, winner (where results are available), profit and loss of all bets for that market, amount and lay price for favorite, and back/lay overrounds.
Column "Sl." contains buttons, and by clicking on those buttons "Market Selections Form" will open for that market. More information about this is written in "Market Selections Form" section below.
This markets grid is used for collecting information about markets, and several markets can be monitored at same time by different rules. Once you understand the way Bf Bot Manager works, you might want to check next section "Markets Data Grid View Options".

Markets Data Grid View Options

Only advanced users of Bf Bot Manager should change those options. Please do not change those settings unless you are sure that you know what you are doing. Changing those options can change the bot behaviour.
Here are some tips for those who want to customize existing bots behaviour by changing grid options.
Market refresh rate (ms) - this is interval in which market prices are being downloaded from Betfair server
Get market info at start interval (ms) - when market is added to the grid then its main details are downloaded from Betfair server. When multiple markets are added to the grid, then info for those markets is downloaded one by one in this interval. This is because if you add 20 horse races markets at once, then we cannot make 20 requests to Betfair server at same time. So we make 1 request every 12500ms (12.5 seconds) until we have downloaded all market details.
Get passed markets info interval (ms) - this is interval for getting market info for markets that should be closed, their start time is in past and they are suspended.
Timeout for market to go in running (sec) - if market gets suspended, and it doesn't change its status to In running in this intervale, then it will be considered that this market will never go in running. This is useful for horse races, or soccer matches.

    Monitor market until - market prices are downloaded for markets in grid until:
  • market is closed
  • market goes in running
  • market goes in running and is in running for N seconds
  • market start time

When market monitoring is finished, then markets grid view will move on to the next market.
Monitor market in running for (sec) - you can specify here how long you want to monitor market in running, this is only useful if you selected option in previous combo box to monitor market in running for N seconds (3.)
Monitor multiple markets at same time - by selecting this option markets grid view will monitor N markets at same time, and in textbox below you can specify number of markets to monitor at same time. This is useful if you have several markets that start at same time.
Note: If you are monitoring 5 markets at same time, and you have refresh rate set to 1000ms (1 sec), then for each market prices will be downloaded every 5 seconds! There is a limit in Betfair Free API, that allows us to download market prices 60 times in 1 minute.

Select Markets Form

This form is used for adding your own markets to the markets data grid. You can select any Betfair market (UK or AU exchange) by using navigation in this form.
When you navigate to the desired market through the events tree, you will just need to click once on that market and it will be automatically added to the markets data grid view. Duplicate markets cannot be added to the markets data grid, so no need to worry if you click 2 or more times on desired market.
This navigation is same as Betfair's, so we hope you will find it easy to use.

Bets Form

All bets that are placed by Bf Bot Manager are displayed in this form. You can access this form by clicking on View->Bets in main menu.
Bets are displayed in order of time when they were placed by Bf Bot Manager. At bottom you have total profit and loss from all those bets.