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Betting System Oscars 2018: Best Betting Bot We received Betting Systems Oscar award for 2018 year!

5th November 2018

Hi Rade,

In over thirty years of working in the IT industry I have never known an organisation to deliver such prompt support as Sodens.

Thank you so much for your help, BFBM is now up and running once more!

I must compliment your company on the excellent support that you consistently deliver.

Very best regards,
Stephen Tassell
(29th October 2018)

I have been using BFBot for eighteen months and consider it the best bot currently available. I foolishly have been tempted to try other products but have always return to BF Bot as the best product in this area.

It has never failed to do what I want including running some very complex strategies and has produced significant profits for me over the time I have used it once I have fined-tuned the strategy criteria to reflect the current market conditions.

The support for the product is second to none. I have never waited longer than 2 hours for Rade to get back to me with help both on very simple mistakes that I have made as well as quite complex strategy issues. Nothing has been too much trouble.

I strongly recommend this product as first class.
(4th June 2018)

Makes sense. Thanks Rade.

Also, thanks for the awesome software, and the world class support as always.

You provide the best customer support of any software I’ve ever purchased.

(12th February 2018)

Hey guys,

I did buy your software.

Put simply, it is probably the best piece of software I have come across in my life.

User Experience is superb and extremely intuitive interface. Two very big thumbs up!!

Cheers Mark,
(8th October 2017)

Betting System Oscars 2017: Best Betting Bot We received Betting Systems Oscar award for 2017 year!

6th October 2017

Hello Rade,

Not to ask nothing this time, only to say thank you, this new bot is really TOP, not only because i have one complete month with real money positive, but because is really a peace of art this software with so many variables cover.

And we can test nearly everything that comes in our mind.

TOP *****



Best regards,
(7th April 2017)

Hello Rade,

First of all just like to say that after a brief play along with the bot, it is by far the easiest I have used! Keep up the good work!

Thank you for your assistance with this, and I thank you for your time!



(23rd February 2017)

Hi Rade,

Everything is fine now with the horse strategies with this country filter.

I'd like to thank you for the excellent support customer service that you ve provided by far to me- with all of those 20-30 emails that i ve wriitten to you,you always gave me the best advice and tried to help me.

Thank you one more time!



Kind Regards
(1st March 2016)

Hi Rade,

Just to say the V3 is the best bot to work ever.

Easy to understand and clean.

Keep the good work.

Kind regards,

Rui Marcal

Kind Regards
(25th November 2015)

Hi Rade,

Yes please can you create that strategy for me.

By the way I am loving Bf Bot Manager V3 best betting bot I have ever seen and I have seen many.

Kind Regards

Kevin Garside.
(3 October 2015)

I have tried every bot on the market this is light years ahead of all of them

put that in your testimonials

ty sir

(30 September 2015)


Thanks, do you sit on your computer all hours of the day?. I have never seen anyone reply so fast in all my life....wow thanks!!.

(9 July 2015)


I have been manually running several strategies betting on Australian Horses and Greyhounds for several years.

I installed the Multi Strategies Bot 3 months ago and it has revolutionised my betting, all for the good. I am now betting 24hrs a day with far more accuracy and opportunity.

Not only is the software excellent but the level of support is second to none. Every request has been dealt with by Rade comprehensively and timely.

Keep up the good work.


(24 March 2015)
Hi Rade,

Trying out in simulation mode today, it does exactly what I want it to do, I really love the bot :D Cannot tell you how happy I am I found your bot, whatever strategy comes to my mind always the bot has the tight tools to automate it.

Keep up the good work.


Dimitar Staykov
(15 January 2015)
Hi Rade,

Yes I was just reading that in the manual. Your service at BFBM is second to none, I have never seen such great service anywhere else which is prompt also.

All BFBM staff need to be congratulated for such excellent service. You must have been up all night UK time as well.

I really appreciate your efforts for me today, Thank you.


Robert Aldridge
(21 November 2014)
Hello Rade, good morning.

Thank you so much to update bot manager in order to accomodate my needs. It is highly apreciated. I have already done the modifications and will test the strategy today in order to make sure I get the same results.

Let me take a moment to tell you that over the years I've dealt with quite a few software support services but none quite like yours. The timeframe you take to reply to emails and the level of care you dedicate is outstanding!


Rui Feliciano
(12 November 2014)

Apart from the superb functionality, I would like to say that the standard of support from Rade is first class. He always responds quickly and is extremely helpful.

I thoroughly recommend the product to all. Its ideal for people who want to automate betting and get on with their daily lives. Just a great piece of kit with a back up service to match


(23 October 2014)

I purchased the program few days ago and I just want to tell you that this is the best betting software by far. I have tried everything on the market but nothing come close.

I am not in to the habit of making comments but I felt the need to say this. It's very well thought and the design is remarkable.

Keep up the good work. You did an amazing job with this software!


(11 October 2014)
Hi Rade,

Well, I'm fully on-board now, with a full license and let me first say, and congratulate you, on a really great product.

I'm having a fair degree of success with this already and am extremely pleased.

Best regards,

(30 September 2014)
Hi Rade!

Thanks for your quick reply.The software is already working and i dont know why... But it's working and that's the important thing.

Thanks again and congratulations on this amazing bot Rade!! :D

I am really satisfied with this bot and is worth every penny!!

Great job!!


(2 May 2014)
This is a nice Bot. We've used three and Bf Bot is my favourite. The ability to drop into live or simulation while running is really useful. In fact there are a lot of useful functions in this bot. The Bet History reporting and CSV filtering are excellent.

This is a thank you. I'm an ex programmer. I know how much work goes into getting software ‘right' and how much time debugging takes.

I'm recommending this to my friend in Cairns, Philip Mole. We play at punting together!

r. Paul W
(7 February 2014)
I have used virtually every bot I could find available and at last I am very pleased to have now found a bot which fits my requirements and for which I am more than happy to put my hand in my pocket and pay for. Bf Bot Manager is a bot which enables me to deploy my trading strategies and easily develop new ones.

No need to be a VBA programming expert to unlock its full functionality, no need to pay for other programs such as Excel to unlock the full functionality, Bf Bot Manager has low OS resource requirements so a basic level VPS can be used, the support from the developer is top class, Bf Bot Manager is rock solid and performs as documented without any glitches, new functionality is being added regularly and the simulation mode is great for testing new strategies.

For my requirements, if Carlsberg produced a bot, this would be it.

Paul Brown
(23 August 2013)
To be fair I owe a lot to your bot
I have used it every day for I don't know is it 6 years? and I have made a pile
of money and couldn't really be without it!

(22 August 2013)


Not only is your software the best, your service is also fantastic! I only wish I started with your software instead of spending months and months trying to get another bot to work properly, I used the ... for a very long time before I came to the conclusion that it just did not work for me and found that it did not have the settings I needed, there is no comparison between your software and the other, I do know from experience and feel that success or failure, your bot does provide you with the necessary tools you need.

A couple of hiccups with staking early on but I think that was more what I was trying to do, which would only confuse the calculations, since making the changes to narrowing odds ranges and applying what I now know, it makes a profit every day, without fail. I think you must have many happy customers.

Eric Nicholas
(21 August 2013)
You help me a lot to make me getting profit from custom bot, so as a friend I will say thank you, please don't refuse my gift from my country.

Thank you + cheers,
(19 July 2013)

One of the main reasons I'd recommend the BF bot is for the excellence of after sales service.

These guys don't just take your money and run. From general problem solving to customised add-ons, you'd have to go a long way to find anyone as knowledgeable, creative, and genuinely helpful as Rade.
Steve A.

(17 March 2012)

Hi Rade

Ok many thanks for all your assistance,and may i just add,I think this Bot is probably the best all round, base to base, every angle covered piece of software that i have ever come across,And i would like to congratulate you and your programming skills for such an amazing piece of work and ingenuity.

As a programmer myself i can appreciate all the hard work that has gone into producing such a fine piece of work.

Keep up the fantastic work that you are doing.

Best regards
(7 March 2010)
I have to admit you have done a real good job with this bot,

I have tried a few other bots but there was always something missing with some of them to be perfect but yours is the best I've seen so far!
(21 July 2009)

many thanks for a very good product i would recomend it to all as i use 3 different bots and have trailed many but yours is the best for altering many user settings to fine tune systems THANK YOU
(26 May 2009)

For the price this software is the best I have seen or used.
(4 May 2009)

Excellent software and good value for money.
(3 May 2009)