Dutching Both Back And Lay Side % Overrounds

Written by Dodgydog, 12th July 2013

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The Dutching Bot contained with the BfBotManager is probably the most versatile and reliable of all bots. Its flexibility within all markets if set up correctly should guarantee some return. Again keeping things simple is always preferrable and just a little bit of thought can make all the difference.

Most people who used the Dutching Bot concentrate on one side of the betting market, Back or Lay. They may choose to only bet on the first two favourites and use Existing Price mode with their own rules.

In this article i am going to show you how to use a simple set up which can be run on horse racing markets. This i call Dutching both sides of the market using the same percentage and same exposure.

The theory behind this set up is again a trading one. I am trying to look for a free bet on the eventual winner of the race. This free bet should cover all other back bets and make a profit. So the initial aim is to get all the back bets matched but in this case its always going to be in play. Pictures paint a thousand words as they say so i will endeavour to paint that picture and let you expand the idea to suit your own needs.

Figure one above is our main window set up within the Dutching Bot. As you can see i am backing and laying all selections using an over round % on the Lay side of 130 and on the back side 70. The theory behind this is quiet simple. Because i am using the same £5 as exposure and the difference between each percentage to 100% is 30% then bot should place unmatched back and lay bets on the same horses with more or less the same stakes on both Lay and Back bets.

For example if horse A was 2.5 favourite, then with over rounds set bot will place two unmatched bets on this selection. The first Back bet may be set at 3.50 and the second Lay bet may be set at 2.00. The key here is that each bet will have more or less the same stake both sides therefore triggering a free bet if that horse wins and we get both bets matched. This will go for every horse within our price range which i have set to 1000-1.01.

If all back bets are matched on each selection then we are guaranteed to win. All Lay bets matched will be equal to their Back bets and cancel each other out leaving just the winners price difference as profit.

So a quick re-cap on settings in main window. Exposure set to X, Overrounds recommended 150/50, 140/60, 130/70, 125/75 120/80 and 116/84, Target OverRounds set for placing unmatched bets, price range set to 1000-1.01 and time to place bets at least five minutes before the off as you may get some matches before race starts.

Fig2 above shows what bets were placed in this example and gives you an idea of stakes used on the same selections within each market. You can see from this example that in the 17.10 race at Yarmouth Dancheur the winner was matched for£2.04 @ 3.45 on the back side and layed for more of less the same stake @ 1.90. This insured a profit in price difference and all other bets matched in the race cancelled each other out. Bets that weren't matched on Lay side disappear on settlement so don't show. As you can see in this race 7 horses ran and all 7 Back bets were matched but only 6 Lay bets were matched. This will be common but once all back bets are matched it should cover all our exposure. The ideal situation is to get all bets matched both sides and gain full percentage profit.

Our screenshot shown as Fig 3 shows "Any in min/max price range" ticked. This insures all runners are covered with this set up between 1000-1.01 price range.

Fig 4 above shows no setting ticked in this screenshot as we don't need to tick anything.

Fig 5 above shows our "Skip Race Rules" which i personally have set to minimum 3 runners and maximum 100. Again this can be set to suit your own needs or thinking.

Fig 6 above shows our Bet Options which i have set to Min of two qualified runners and maximum of 25 runners. 25 runners is the limit and this may be extended in future. Many Irish races especially maidens have more than 25 runners. Bets persistence is always set to Keep for obvious reasons.

Note all settings to this point are basic and simple.

Again because we are not using Existing Prices with this strategy nothing is ticked and is left blank. I am only showing these screenshots in case someone asks. Covering all bases is always a good policy.

Fig 8 above shows our final screenshot. I again have chosen to monitor markets almost 10mins before start time. I am also tracking markets in running as i like to record prices before and in play. This way i can check how high and low a winners price went in running. You may choose to monitor markets until start time. Bets are placed before in play and will stay there once we use bets persistence of "Keep".

So this is one of my favourite set ups using Dutching Bot. You are basically looking to back the winner in running at a higher price and Lay off to the same stake at a way lower price. Again this is an example set up and is not guaranteed to make profit. The closer you get to 100% over rounds using this set up the less likely you are to cover all your bets, hence bigger over round differences are used. The further away you go from 100% with over rounds the less likely you are to get winner matched. Finding a good medium over round on both sides of the market is advised and over rounds like 120/80 are always a good starting point.

Note their is differences between day markets and night markets. Day racing is a lot more aggressive with more on course players plying their trade. You may also see differences in both codes of racing, Jumps and Flat. Experiment and keep notes long-term of all activity using systems.

Finally DD isn't responsible for any losses gained from this set up. Only use money you can afford and most of all enjoy yourself.

Best Of Luck


Written by Dodgydog, 12th July 2013

For any questions regarding this article/strategy please use article forum thread and ask Dodgydogdirectly!