Horse races trader bot

Main purpose of this bot is to place few trades (1-3) in running on Horse races. Bot also has Hedge functionality, so it hedges bets if trade is not completed within X seconds or if price changes by X%. Horse races in running market is not always well formed, so we suggest that you use 115% for Back overround and 85% for Lay overround, otherwise you might get in situation where bot doesn't place any bets.

Supported markets

  • Horse races Win markets that go in running
  • United Kingdom exchange only

Features (V1+ - version 1 or higher, V2+ - version 2 or higher)
  • V1+ - Trade on favorite or any runner
  • V1+ - Minimum market traded volume
  • V1+ - Maximum number of trades
  • V1+ - Hedge after X seconds if trade not completed
  • V1+ - Place Back and Lay bets (trade) at same time
  • V2+ - Hedge if price changes by X%
  • V2+ - Place first Back bet, and when it is fully matched then place Lay bet
  • V2+ - Place first Lay bet, and when it is fully matched then place Back bet
  • V2+ - Number of ticks for higher/lower price when placing bets one by one
  • V2+ - Overall loss pot recovery
  • V2+ - Advanced hedge conditions
  • V2+ - Conditions for first and second bet and several tools for getting better price
Horse Races Trader Bot Manual

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