Bf Bot Manager V3

Bf Bot Manager V3 bot allows you to create your own strategies by combining different rules and conditions. You can create as many strategies as you like and run them all at same time. Each strategy by default works for it self, but if needed you can connect strategies so that they work together.

V3 has functionality to import/export strategies which allows you to easily share your strategies with other people and also easy for us to send you strategy examples. Bets and results are automatically saved and can also be exported to CSV file.

Importing and betting on tips from your tipster can be fully automated. For details on this you should read Automatic importing of tips to Bf Bot Manager V3 article.


Below is list of main features for Bf Bot Manager V3.

  • Run unlimited number of strategies at same time
  • Import and export strategies
  • Reporting of failed conditions and explanation why bets are not being placed
  • Betting on favorites, runners by position, your own selections or tips from tipster services
  • Hedge (cash out, green up, red up), close position, trade out rules
  • All standard rules e.g. overrounds, back/lay ration, min/max number of runners/prices etc.
  • Many staking plans e.g. Fibonacci, D'Alembert, Level, Parlay, Sweeper etc.
  • Automatic loading of markets by set filters
  • Football statistic rules
  • Detailed horse racing information rules e.g. class, going, beaten favourites, course/distance winner etc.
  • Optional subscription to third party football in play statistics service and rules for betting by those stats

If you need new condition or rule to make your strategy work then please use our contact form and tell us about it.

Supported markets

  • All markets
  • Both exchanges are supported, United Kingdom and Australian
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