Bf Bot Manager V3

Bf Bot Manager V3 has all functionality that all other bots have. It can run more than one strategy/bot at same time, import/export strategies, combine your own rules, automatically import tips and markets to bet on and much more.
V3 can place bets on favorites, your own selections, trade, place dutching bets, bet/trade during in play and it also has ladder and grid controls that you can use for manual betting and trading while other strategies are running in background.
V3 also has new layout and supports different styles.

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Back/Lay Multiple Favorites Bot (Bf Bot Manager V2)

This bot is advanced version of "Back/Lay Favorite" bot. This bot will automatically place Back or Lay bets on one or more favorites for loaded markets. User is able to set price ranges for Back/Lay bets, Back and Lay overrounds, maximum profit/loss values and much more! Bot also supports lay to liability option, amount to win, staking plans, time when to place bets, loss pot recovery and many other useful features for successful betting.

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Multiple Strategies Bot - add-on bot for Bf Bot Manager V2

Multiple Strategies bot is add-on bot to Bf Bot Manager V2. It allows you to set and run multiple betting strategies at same time. Strategies can also be exported and later imported if needed, this allows you to share your betting strategies with other users. Each strategy is set of conditions and rules which when satisfied result in bet placement or some other defined action.

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Horse Races Trader Bot

Main purpose of this bot is to place few trades (1-3) in running on Horse races. Bot also has Hedge functionality, so it hedges bets if trade is not completed within X seconds or if price changes by X%. Horse races in running market is not always well formed, so we suggest that you use 115% for Back overround and 85% for Lay overround, otherwise you might get in situation where bot doesn't places any bets.

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Ladder/Grid Control

This is not a bot, this is ladder control that can be used for trading on any market. It is ideal for trading or placing bets quickly after goal is scored or betting on in running horse races.

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Soccer bot - Draw betting, add-on bot for V1 & V2

This bot can be used only with Soccer "Match Odds" markets that are available for live betting at Betfair. Main bot idea is to place Lay bet on Draw few minutes before market goes in-play, and later while market is in play to place Back bet when possible to take profit of X%.

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Dutching bot

This bot offers you automatic dutching of markets by pre defined rules, and dutching calculator functionality. This bot can be used in few different ways, and those are:

  • automatically place Lay (or Back) bets on all runners so that if all bets get matched you get profit regardless of winner
  • use "User Bets" form as dutching calculator and manually place bets
  • automatically place Lay bets on runners whose existing market price is in range of your Min/Max price range (this can be used in combination with number 3)
  • automatically place Lay bets on first X runners sorted by chance value (this can be used in combination with number 2)

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Bf Notes, add-on for V2

Bf Notes add-on is used to add your own notes within Bf Bot Manager for any selection that is available for betting at Betfair. Once the note is added for selection it is being automatically saved to your PC. All Bf Notes are automatically loaded when Bf Bot Manager is started. When software loads market that has selection for which Bf Note exists then it automatically highlights that market in markets data grid view with yellow background color. User is then able to open "Selections Form" and see which selections have notes by looking at "Notes" column.

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Bet Advisor bot, add-on for V2

Places bets on selected Bet Advisor tipsters tips. To run bot you must have active Bet Advisor subscription and license key for Bf Bot Manager V2.

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We are constantly working on improving Bf Bot Manager and creating new bots

If you have idea for new bot or new feature that you would like to see in Bf Bot Manager or any of those bots, then please contact us! We need your feedback to make Bf Bot Manager better.

To compare Bf Bot Manager products and features that they have please see our compare products page.